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Business Accounts – Get it right the easy way with Kashflow

Help With Your VAT ReturnsAfter spending 3 years surrounded by invoices, receipts, VAT returns and fiddling with unfriendly Sage or Quickbook accounts packages I have learnt a few very important lessons.

Outsource, Outsource, Outsource………. Oh and Kashflow

Outsourcing needs to be seen as an essential way to grow your business and increase your profits. So many business owners are unable to see outsourcing as just another cost, and will spend many hours, days or even weeks battling with their administration or accounts.

For a small monthly fee you should be able to outsource many of your administration and accounting tasks, which help you by:

  • Having more time to complete the real tasks that earn money.
  • More time for yourself and family.
  • Less stress

With large HMRC penalties for poor bookkeeping amounting to fines of £3000 or more mistakes that you make could cost you dearly

A few of the tasks that have been outsourced by myself include administration, invoicing and payroll which released so much of my time that business has increased twofold.

Many of our customers pay us with a monthly standing order which meant 2 days of each month was spent raising and emailing invoices and receipts. By utilising Kashflow instead of quickbooks saves me those 2 days by automatically creating and emailing the invoices while I sleep. It is also  compatible with online VAT, with many reporting tools to check your profit and loss quickly. Other benefits include not having to purchase an extra license to use it on another computer.

Kashflow offers a free 2 month trial (no card details required) to enable you to try it out. Register here for more information.

A few useful tasks that may be outsourced (with links):

Birmingham Bookkeeper

Business Networking Birmingham

IT Support Birmingham

Virtual PA (administration help)

Event Management

Human Resources


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